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Tennessee Mountain Rifle Flintlock #132
Tennessee Mountain Rifle Flintlock
Premium Curly Maple Stock
Hand rubbed Satin Finish
44" Rice "B" Swamped .50 cal barrel (round bottom rifled)
Custom extended tang to the buttplate
Chambers Late Ketland Flintlock
Modified Davis double set triggers
White Lightning vent liner
Hand made Patchbox, Sideplate, Nosecap, & Toeplate
Hand forged latching catch on patchbox (Forged from a old square barn nail)
Two Ramrods (One with 2 RR tips, one with 1 RR tip)
LOP is 13 3/4"
Drop at heel is 2 3/4"
Weight is 7.5#
Tennessee Mountain Rifle #132Tennessee Mountain Rifle #132Tennessee Mountain Rifle #132Tennessee Mountain Rifle #132Tennessee Mountain Rifle #132

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