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Thank you for your interest in my hand made custom hunting and skinning knives. The following is a little about my knife making.

The Blades: Most of my knife blades are made from the best D2 tool steel, ATS-34, or Damascus. Most of my knife blades are flat bevel ground by hand. They are then hardened to a 59-61 Rockwell hardness, then cryogenically quenched to a –305 degrees, giving a superior edge to the blade, but still reasonably easy to sharpen. Some of the blades are antique looking, case colored, polished, bead blasted for a soft non-glare silver look, or left with the tempering streaks and colors they achieve when tempered. All of my knives are honed to a razor’s edge, as if it will not shave you, it is simply not sharp!

The Handles: I make all of my guards and handles using various materials such as brass, German silver, stainless steel, several different species of exotic woods, and different types of horns and antlers. Each knife is individual and unique in its own way, as I never make two alike.

The Sheaths: Most of my sheaths I hand make with quality 8 or 9 oz. saddle leather. Most are a form fitted pouch type with 2/3's of the handle covered, which are hand cut and wet form fitted, then hand stitched by me with artificial wax sinew. As the sheath is drying, I hand work it to get the best fit for the handle. They are treated with an oil and wax conditioning solution that I make myself. This makes them water resistant, and they will last years upon use. Some sheaths feature a small metal guard, which is completely hidden inside, to insure the tip does not slice the leather.

Building knives has been a passion of mine for over 45 years. All of my knives have been in my hands for hours upon hours to give it that special look, and because of that, a little piece of me is in every one of them. That makes it very hard for me to let them go to the new owner when the time comes, but it leaves me completely confident in their looks, performance in the field, and ability to last for generations.