Back when Fess Parker was wearing a coon skin cap and the good guys always rode off into the sunset I was growing up in the foothills of the Appalachians which gave me endless opportunities for hunting, fishing, horseback riding – and with that the love of firearms and knives. 

During those formative early years I created “homemade” knives out of anything I could find.  Building guns would have to wait awhile, as my parents would surely never allow that!  Around 1978, with a career and a young family in place, I began to build my first muzzleloader in my spare time which sparked a decade’s long hobby.  Not being much of a fan of the modern side of black powder, I tended to stay primitive – nearly all of my muzzleoaders have been flintlocks.  Over the years my knife making (and eventually tomahawks) evolved from wishful kid creations to usable tools of the trade. 

After years of building rifles for people I’m happy to share some of my past work through the images on this website.  While I don’t take on as many building projects as I used to, I still keep my tools sharp and at times have items for sale.  I’ve always got my Birddog6’s Patch Grease available, and often I have completed custom flintlocks, gun stocks, barrels, and other accoutrements for sale.  

Please contact me at [email protected] for current inventory, details, and prices.

D.K. Lisle