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Upper East Tennessee Flintlock in curly Cherry

Upper East Tennessee .40 cal Flintlock
Beautiful Curly Black Cherry Stock
New .40 Cal. GR Douglas Octagon Barrel (7/8" x 43.5")
Extended one piece "Over the Comb Tang" to the Buttplate
SS Chambers "White Lightning" 1/4" Vent Liner
Chambers Late Ketland Flintlock (Modified)
Davis Double Set Triggers (Modified)
LOP is 14" Drop at Heel is 3 3/4"
Weight is 9.25lbs
All Trim is Hand Made (Buttplate, Toeplate, Patchbox, Sideplate,
RR & Entrypipes, Triggerguard, Nosecap & all Lightly antiqued)
1 Straight Grained Hickory RR with 1 steel RR tip
Patchbox & Toeplate box latches are forged from old square barn nails.
Rear Iron Sight is Tenn. Style, & 12" from breech. (For us old fogies)
Front sight is Double Dovetailed, brass base & G. Silver blade
Finish is six hand rubbed coats of Chambers Gunstock Oil Finish
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