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.40 Caliber Isaac Haines Youth Rifle #125

Style of Rifle: Lancaster County, PA Flintlock Longrifle (RH) (Isaac Haines)
Caliber: .40 caliber
Barrel: Colerain “A” Weight Swamped 38” Barrel (Round bottom rifled)
Tang type: Std. flared tang
Vent type: Bronze Ampco / Removable (1/4 x 28 TPI)
Lock: Chambers Small Siler Flintlock
Trigger: Davis Single Trigger
Stock Wood: Grade #5 Curly Maple
Ramrod: (1) 5/16" Diameter straight grained Hickory ramrod with two brass tips
LOP: Approximately 12 3/8"
Weight: 6#
Trim Metal: All Brass Trim
Nose cap: Hand Made, Flared, Brass
Sights: Front: G. Silver blade/Brass base Rear: Lancaster Iron sight
Stain Color: 3 Danglers Dark Brown Base / 3 Danglers Reddish Brown on top
Wood Finish Type: Five coats Tru-Oil / Hand Rubbed Low Gloss / Harpers Paste Wax
Barrel/Lock/Trigger: Browned
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