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.54 Caliber Isaac Haines Flintlock
This is an Isaac Haines hunting rifle that I built in the fall of 2002. It features a beautiful stripped maple stock, 38" "C" Colerain Swamped .54 barrel, large Siler lock, hand made single trigger, brass trim, and a piece of Elk antler for the nosecap.

The stain is 3 applications of Dangles dark brown stain, rubbed out, then two applications of Danglers reddish brown stain and then rubbed. The finish is fifteen hand rubbed coats of low gloss tung oil. It has minimal carving and no engraving or patchbox.The barrel/breech/tang is glass bedded, released, and secured with 3 tennons and pins.

The barrel was left in the white as most rifles of that era were made, and will eventually patina with age if let to do so, or it will easily stay silver/gray with a minimal amount of care, dispite the natural thought of there being a rust problem. It is actually easier to maintain than a browned or a blued rifle, as you do not notice any mars or scratches as you would on them. Should any place on it discolor you merely wipe it with some 600 paper and oil and the discoloration is gone.

Being a 38".54 cal and a "C" weight swamped barrel, this rifle balances wonderfully and is very light at the muzzle. The hand made single trigger has 3/16" travel at smooth 2 1/2# of trigger pull
.54 Cailber Isaac Haines Flintlock.54 Caliber Isaac Haines Flintlock.54 Cailber Isaac Haines Flintlock.54 Cailber Isaac Haines Flintlock.54 Cailber Isaac Haines Flintlock

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