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Premium +++ Striped Maple Stock (Solid, hard, dense maple)
.40 cal. 42" Swamped "B" weight Colerain barrel
Barrel and Breach is 100% bedded and realeased (no bedding is visable)
Siler Flintlock from Jim Chambers lock shop (Browned)
Chambers "White Lightning" Vent Liner
Davis Single Trigger, customized pull (3/32" pull length at 6 oz. pull (smooth)
Length of pull is approx. 13 3/4"
Drop at heel is approx. 3 1/2"
Weight is 9 lbs, balance point right at the rear of the entry pipe
Brass sideplate, trigger guard, nosecap, and buttplate
Over 20 coats of hand rubbed Tung Oil, rubbed to glass smooth satin
Extras: Custom, handmade Elk Skin/Blanket gunsock and 6 new flints
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