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German Jaeger Flintlock Hunting Rifle
Stock: Beautiful piece of Black Walnut Burl (Lots of Color )
Barrel: 31" Getz Swamped .54 cal. Octagon (Round Bottom Rifled)
Trigger: Davis Double Set Jaeger Triggers
Lock: Davis Jaeger Flintlock
Vent: Chambers "White Lightning" SS vent liner
Trim: Brass trim, polished (Acanthus Leaf Buttplate & T/Guard)
Sights: Front & Rear sights (Both Adjustable Lt & Rt)
Ramrod: One Straight Grained Hickory RR with 2 Brass Tips (10-32)
Finish: Tru-Oil rubbed to satin sheen
Sling: Removable Swivel front, Removable Button Rear (Iron)
Weight: 8.75#
LOP: 13 5/8"
Drop: 2 1/2" at Heel
Length: 46 1/2" Over All
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