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This is a rifle I finished in April, 2003. It is built as a German Jaeger would have been
made in the 1730-1750 era. It features a 31" Colerain "D" .54 cal. Swamped barrel,
R.E.Davis Jaeger lock, R.E.Davis Jaeger set triggers, Browned Iron trim, and Black
Walnut Burl stock with a Sliding patchbox.

It has a German Silver thumbpiece and is hand engraved and the stock is hand carved.
It has 17 hand rubbed coats of Tung Oil on it rubbed to a satin sheen. A little oil on the
burly stock really makes the wood grain come to life, though the rifle was built as a deer
hunting rifle and not to reflect thus the browned parts & satin non-glare finish.

The swamped barrel is completely glass bedded (and released) and the front sling
swivel has a double eared underlug dovetailed into the barrel to support the sling
thrubolt for maximum strength. The ramrod is hickory and stained to match and has a
browned steel tip on each end with a 10/32 threads for attachments. The vent liner is a
Chambers White Lightning vent liner. The rifle is wonderfully balanced at about 2" in
front of the lock and by being so the 8 1/4# gun actually feels like a 6# gun when
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