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Keywords:&, &, &, (10-32)Finish:, (Acanthus, (Both, (Iron)Weight:, (Lots, (Round, )Barrel:, .36, .38, .40, .54, .54, .62, 1/2, 1/2, 13, 2, 2, 31, 46, 5/8"Drop:, 8.75#LOP:, Adjustable, Alabama, All, American, Beautiful, Birddog6, Bivens, Black, Bottom, Brass, Brass, Bucks County, Burl, Button, Buttplate, Chambers, Color, D.K. Lisle, Davis, Davis, Dickert, Double, East Tennessee, Flintlock, FlintlockVent:, Front, German, German Jaeger, German Silver, Getz, Grained, HeelLength:, Hickory, Hunting, Isaac Haines, Jacob Dickert, Jaeger, Jaeger, Jaeger, John Bivens, Keith Lisle, Kentucky, Lancaster, Lancaster County, Leaf, Lehigh, Lehigh, Longrifle, Lt, Mountain Rifle, Octagon, One, Over, Pennsylvania, RR, Rear, Rear, Removable, Removable, RifleStock:, Rifled)Trigger:, Rt)Ramrod:, SS, Set, Straight, Swamped, Swivel, T/Guard)Sights:, Tennessee, Tips, TriggersLock:, Tru-Oil, Walnut, White Lightning, York, Youth, art, artisan, at, barrel, black powder, brass, breach loader, breech loader, builder, burl, butt, cal., carved, carving, chambers, cherry, colerain, curl, curly, custom flintlocks, custom muzzleloaders, deer, douglas, figured, flamed, flintlock rifles, flintlocks, front, getz, grade, guns, gunsmith, gunstock, hand made muzzleloaders, hunt, hunting, inlay, iron, jaeger, ketland, lightning vent, liner, linerTrim:, lock, long rifle, maple, master, mountains, muzzleloaders, octagon, of, of, patch box, patchbox, patina, piece, polished, premium, ramrod, rice, rifled, rubbed, satin, sheenSling:, sight, sights, siler, smooth, steel, stock, striped, swamped, tang, to, toe plate, toeplate, traditional, trigger, trim, valley, vent, walnut, with, wood, wrist, wrist,
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Black Walnut .54 Caliber German Jaeger

Black Walnut .54 Caliber German Jaeger

German Jaeger Flintlock Hunting Rifle
Stock: Beautiful piece of Black Walnut Burl (Lots of Color )
Barrel: 31" Getz Swamped .54 cal. Octagon (Round Bottom Rifled)
Trigger: Davis Double Set Jaeger Triggers
Lock: Davis Jaeger Flintlock
Vent: Chambers "White Lightning" SS vent liner
Trim: Brass trim, polished (Acanthus Leaf Buttplate & T/Guard)
Sights: Front & Rear sights (Both Adjustable Lt & Rt)
Ramrod: One Straight Grained Hickory RR with 2 Brass Tips (10-32)
Finish: Tru-Oil rubbed to satin sheen
Sling: Removable Swivel front, Removable Button Rear (Iron)
Weight: 8.75#
LOP: 13 5/8"
Drop: 2 1/2" at Heel
Length: 46 1/2" Over All