Patch Grease
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The lube was designed for use in rifles with "normal" charges and to provide
adequate lubing capabilities.  Most users are shooting it shot after shot without
swabbing, using a .010 under bore sized ball, and approximately .015 pillow ticking
patches heavily greased.

Others are using a .005 under bore size and a .015 pillow ticking patch and they
are swabbing between shots.  It really depends on the marksman, rifle, powder
type, ball/patch tighness in the bore, etc, to find the right ball/patch/grease
combination to work for you and your rifle.

Many users are also using this grease on their stocks, barrel exteriors, hawk
handles, leather goods, and it is also good for chapped hands!
Price is as follows:

One  4 oz tub of lube is   $  8.50  (Shipping is about $5)

US Postal Money Orders (only) Accepted!


(A 4 ounce tub of grease will lube thousands of patches!)
Try some today!
Birddog6's Patch Grease is a specially formulated patch grease for shooting round
balls in black powder rifles with REAL black powder.  The lube is made with all
natural and biodegradable ingredients (NO petroleum.)  The lube will stay
consistant in temperature ranges from over 100 degrees to below zero, and will not
run or freeze when used in inclement weather.